Are you a new mom wondering about sex after pregnancy?  Check out my book, From Ouch! To Ahhh…The New Mom’s Guide To Sex After Baby

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What readers are saying:

“This is a wonderful resource for a new mom! Warm, funny, and reassuring Swofford guides women (and men!) through the challenges of intimacy after childbirth. The book is packed with anecdotes from other mothers, helping the reader with a range of issues from parenting burnout and postpartum blues, to trying to summon sexual desire on just three hours of sleep. Throughout the text, Swofford remains steadfastly supportive of whatever you’re feeling (or not feeling) and gives easy, concrete strategies to get your mojo back!”


“… it helps normalize some of the physical and emotional changes we all go through after having a baby…Now I am waiting for my partner to finish it so we can talk about it. I think it will the open doors to some conversations we’ve been needing to have and put us back on track to intimacy.”


“This book legitimized so much of what I was feeling 9 months postpartum with my second. As mamas, our personal needs (especially sexual) are at the bottom of priority list. And, it always feels “greedy” to try and take care of yourself. Swofford just makes you feel ok. Ok about the doubt, the self consciousness, the discomfort, the frustration, the confusion. She makes you feel like it’s ok to have these thoughts and that you’re not alone.”


“Where was this book when I had my first-born? And my second-born?  I easily could have re-read it after having each child. My two post-baby experiences were so drastically different from one another and this book would have been helpful in each post-baby time frame.”

“Every Mama needs to know and learn and be reminded of her potential, her beauty, and to be patient with ourselves.”